Monday, May 3, 2010

Not a Second Time

What if The Beatles had written sequels to some of their best-known hits? I think the result might look something like this ...


* I Felt Fine, But Then I Met Your Parents

* Sonofabitch, You Just Bought Me Love, Thus Proving Me Wrong

* The Novelty Of This Pony Just Wore Off

* A Late-Night Recap Of A Day In The Life

* All My Alimony

* Thirteen Months A Year

* I Still See Her Standing There, Perhaps I Should Finally Introduce Myself

* Please Don't Sit There, I Just Fixed That Hole

* She Snuck Out Through The Basement Tunnel

* No, Seriously, HELP!

* The Day After Your Birthday

* On Second Thought, I'll Follow The Money

* Magical Mystery Invoice

* Wild Honey Pie Indigestion

* Because, You Dumbass, We'll Get Arrested For Indecent Exposure

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