Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Used to be Cruel to My Woman

And here we always thought that Macca was the unflagging tender-heart. I'll probably be flayed alive for saying it, but honestly, John and Paul may have been heart-throbby rock gods from the stage in those early years, but they don't sound like the kind of guys a girl would really want to get too involved with.


Despite her extraordinary cuteness, [Dot Rhone] was even milder than Cynthia Powell and submitted without protest to the same rules from Paul that John imposed on Cyn - total adoration, fidelity, availability, and revising her appearance and wardrobe to look as much as possible like Brigitte Bardot. "Paul was always supposed to be the charming one, but John was more compassionate," she remembers. "When Paul and I had a row, he'd often tell Paul to be nicer to me." (Philip Norman, John Lennon: The Life, pp. 165-166)


It's a good reminder, I suppose, that no one is one-dimensional. For all of his sometimes hard edges, John had a tender streak as well; and for all of his romantic charm, Paul had some rough spots that needed to be smoothed out. Ever complex, those Liverpool lads.

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