Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Child-like - Try to Understand

This will either make you laugh or cause you to scratch your head and say, "Whaaaat?" For once, I am actually not inventing this out of whole cloth. All that follows was faithfully transcribed from a conversation with an actual three-year-old.

A Synopsis of the Movie Help!, as Told by a Three-Year-Old

The guy zips his pants down and then puts them off. All the way down.

And then the Beatles put some pop on that boy and then he started to cry. And then the little guy - guess what, I have some money! - and then he didn't cry, and then the Beatles were being nice.

The little guy put some fire on that boy.

They play their guitars in the movie.

Then the girl bites his ring off, because she just wants to. And then a tiger bites the Beatles.

Then the girl whistles for the tiger, and then the tiger bites Ringo.

And the tiger chases the Beatles. He runs and runs and runs.

And Ringo gets to keep the ring.

Then the boy gets wet, because he always wants to get wet. But his dad doesn't like that.

Then nothing happens.

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