Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Time Around

You didn't think The Beatles just knocked out all these number-one hits on the first try, did you? Of course not, they had to work at it, writing and re-writing and refining and fine-tuning until they found the magic formula they were looking for.

Here are a few of the rough draft scraps that never made it to the second round of editing.


First-Draft Beatles Songs

* Now Here Man

* Tell Me When, Where, and How Much

* Congregate Around Me Immediately

* Two Days Prior to Tomorrow

* You Four Blew

* I Call You Names

* Hey Judas

* For You, Specifically

* Norwegian Wood (In Which I Once Again Fail to Get Laid and End Up Committing Arson, or, A Typical Day in the Life of Nick Nolte)

* Sgt. Pepper's House of Pimp, Yo

* Wide, Wide, Wide

* Revolution? Nein!

* I Wanna Be Your Manic-Depressive Codependent, Man

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