Friday, May 14, 2010

esreveR ni selteaB

One final collection of sound clips for your Friday: some reversible snippets and other oddities.
I'm So Tired - The mumbling bit by John at the end, when played in reverse, supposedly sounds like, "Paul is dead, man, miss him, miss him."

Pre-Revolution 9 - A strange little conversation that comes right before "Revolution 9", between George Martin and Alistair Taylor about a "bottle of claret" or some such thing. It ends with Taylor saying, "Will you forgive me?", to which Martin responds, "Mmm, yes," prompting Taylor's swift retort: "Cheeky bitch!"

Revolution 9 - The repeated phrase, "Number nine, number nine," thrown into reverse, resembles the phrase, "Turn me on, dead man, turn me on, dead man."

The End of Pepper - This clip is weird, even when it's not in reverse. Bits of laughter and sing-songy chatter, it sounds like Macca singing, "never could be any other way," or possible, "never kiss me any other way," or even, "four-score and seven years ago." In reverse, however, it sounds an awful lot like, "Yeah, we'll f*ck you like you're Superman."

Rain - This is just the fade-out to "Rain", which has always had John's backward voice on it; in reverse (or rather, set right way 'round again), it's the opening verse of the song.

Free as a Bird - This is the fade-out bit, reversed-the-right-way so you can hear John saying, "turned out nice again."

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