Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dig a what?!

Another treasure from my secret Beatles Collection (and by "secret" I mean "so secret even The Beatles don't know it exists"). This is the original "Dig a Pony" lyric sheet, which John carefully crafted from an un-used Mad-Lib book. I might have to auction this off at Sotheby's.

I-hi-hi-hi-hi ...

Choose one:

* Dig a pony
* Roll a stony
* Cold and lonely
* Eat baloney
* Won a Tony
* Got thin and bony
* Love Island, Coney
* Feel sick and moan-y
* Found a crony
* Made rigatoni
* Ate pepperoni
* Bought a Sony
* Caught a phony
* Pick a moondog
* Roast a groundhog
* Chop a big log
* Post at my blog
* Bounce a bullfrog
* Sing "Hey, Bulldog"
* Feel the wind blow
* Do a road hog

Where you can ...

Choose one:

* Imitate everyone you know
* Syndicate every boat you row
* Penetrate every place you go
* Salivate on a dinner roll
* Permeate all the clothes you sew
* Implicate every dog you own
* Masticate every cake you're shown
* Conjugate every verb you know
* Procreate on a garden hoe
* Desecrate all the glass you blow
* Armor-plate every book you throw
* Overrate all the after-glow
* Lie in wait for a broken crow
* Roller skate through the softest dough
* City-state to an old zip code
* Tolerate all the summer snow
* Indicate everything you see
* Celebrate anything you want
* Radiate everything you are

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