Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My 20-carat Golden Ring-tones

Good morning my aunties and uncles, my cousins and nephews, my boyfriends and girlfriends, my friends and parole officers!

Here is small collection of Beatles ringtones, hand-crafted by my own crafty hands, given with love from me to you.

Please, download responsibly. Friends don't let friends use substandard ringtones.

(PS - I can always make more. If there is a particular song snippet you'd like to have for a ringtone, I'd be happy to make it for you - no, not you, over there ... yes, you.)

Download now
anytime at all.mp3 (210 KB)

A Day In The Life by The Beatles
Download now
Day in the Life Ending.mp3 (209 KB)

Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles
Download now
here comes the sun.mp3 (227 KB)

Download now
If I needed someone.mp3 (243 KB)

Download now
just gotta call on me.mp3 (246 KB)

No Reply by The Beatles
Download now
no reply.mp3 (218 KB)

You Won't See Me by The Beatles
Download now
you wont see me.mp3 (251 KB)

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