Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beatleology: The "Ringo" Profile

I am Ringo ...

ringolove: (via lookoutweekends)
  • I think life is whatever you make of it
  • I'm a jack of all trades, master of none
  • I make a lot of friends, and I like to keep up those friendships - my social life can get crazy sometimes
  • I prefer to just get along and avoid conflict if I can
  • I love to party and have a good time
  • People find me easy to be around
  • I'm fairly practical and down-to-earth
  • I have a hard time saying "no"
  • I enjoy the simple things, because I make them fun
  • I have a natural charisma, and people find me very approachable
  • I'm very appreciative and grateful - I'm lucky just to be here
  • I think I'm just a "regular" person, and that's ok with me
  • I do a steady and consistent job - which means I often get overlooked and don't get the credit I should
  • I don't get stressed out very easily, because I don't take things too seriously
  • People sometimes see me as flippant, but I don't think I am
  • I'm a funny person, but my "safe" sense of humor doesn't offend people
  • I appreciate the stability of family life
  • In my romantic life, I often tend to choose good looks over substance
  • I'm an affectionate person
  • I can sometimes be a pushover, but I do have my limits
  • I might cheat on my partner for a one-night "fling" to have a little fun, but never at the risk of hurting someone
  • I'm very consistent in who I am and what I do
  • I don't always take the initiative or go above and beyond the call of duty - I like moderation
  • I enjoy the good life, but I don't live beyond my means - money can't buy me fun
  • I thrive on communication and camaraderie
  • I can't change the world, so I'd prefer to work on myself
  • I like to see the results of my actions and choices
  • I'm highly tolerant of other people, and I'm content to let them live how they want
  • I am content with what I have, as long as I have the three F's: friends, family, and fun
  • You can search for cosmic meaning if you want - I'll be at the bar, having a drink
  • I like bad movies and greasy food
  • I think I'm cute - not necessarily "hot," but I'm ok with that
  • I don't mind being trendy, if I can afford it
  • I can enjoy just about anything - any book, any movie, any music, I see the value in all of it
  • I really do get by with a little help from my friends
  • I can get into an expensive wine if that's what you're offering, but cheap beer is fine, too - let's go shoot some pool
  • I might have a bit of an inferiority complex - I hope you won't stand up and walk out on me if I sing out of tune
  • Sometimes the choices that we make will break our hearts, but there are no mistakes
  • My philosophy of life is simple: get along with people, keep the peace, show lots of love
  • You ask "why?", but I ask "why not?"

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