Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Three Beatle Responses

I always enjoy little "snippets" like these, which highlight the various different Beatle Personality Types (covered in detail in the book Beatleology). The clips below are taken from Anthology, and capture the reactions of Paul, George, and Ringo on the subject of being awarded the MBE.

First, the Paul response, the "Ram," the personality type most likely to take the award - any award - seriously. Notice also that he takes it upon himself to make his opinion the group opinion, setting himself up as the spokesperson for the collective:

Next, the George response, the "Dark Horse," the one most likely to be a bit more "realistic" about the whole thing, and to come off as more-or-less cynical and jaded in the exchange:

Finally, the Ringo response, the "Octopus," the one most given to hedonism and fun and partying and soaking up the "good time" of it all:

Enough said?

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