Thursday, March 10, 2011

If I Fell: Best Beatle-Sign Romances

Every Inner Beatle personality type has its pros and cons.  Some Beatle-Sign couplings are better than others.  Here are the matches that have the most going for them.  If you don't know your Inner Beatle personality type yet, take the test and find out where you fit in!

John & George

George65.jpg George Harrison and John Lennon image by MissBeatles

The pros: John is a natural leader and can bring George out of his shell.  George is more easy-going and calm, and can bring much-needed balance to John's extremist tendencies.  John needs lots of love and affirmation, and George is perceptive enough to be able to follow those cues, and will want to follow those cues, because George is a people-pleaser.  They both share the same sense of humor and can have a lot of laughs together.  All in all, a John & George connection can make for a very affectionate and firmly-grounded relationship.

The cons: both John and George can be moody and withdrawn at times, and neither type is naturally very good at opening up and expressing their feelings.  This pitfall can be avoided if both John and George are deliberate about communication and checking in on each other.

Paul & Ringo

The pros: both Paul and Ringo need to know they are loved, and both are naturally good at showing love (Paul will be better at it, but Ringo will easily be able to go with the flow).  Paul will show Ringo love and affection in the form of constant attention, romantic gestures, frequent gifts, regular phone-calls, and dinner dates, and Ringo will show Paul love and affection with lots of sex (which Paul sees as loving affirmation).  Both Paul and Ringo are optimists who don't like complication, and both are strongly drawn to the stability of family life.

The cons: the sex life can be tricky.  Paul needs the sex for personal affirmation, and Ringo can sometimes be too flippant about sex.  Conversely, Ringo needs the sex as part of a balanced life of recreation, and a too-controlling Paul can manipulate this need as a way to keep the upper hand.

George & Ringo

The pros: both George and Ringo are very easy-going, which makes for minimal conflict and low drama.  Where there is conflict, Ringo's expressiveness and George's ability to analyze a situation objectively can make for quick resolutions, and neither type tends to hold grudges.  Both the Ringo type and the George type are very sexual, and this couple will have no problem expressing their affection in physical ways, which both types view as affirming.  Because George is good at following someone else's lead, Ringo should have little difficulty, with a bit of time and patience, getting George to open up and communicate (once George feels safe in the relationship).  George's contemplative nature can balance out Ringo's casual attitude, and Ringo's ability to have fun in any situation can balance out George's serious side.

The cons: Ringo likes to keep things light, and George tends towards heavy philosophy and introspection.  George may view Ringo as too shallow to think about the deeper things, and Ringo may view George as unable to loosen up and have some fun.  Ringo is quicker to express feelings, and George takes more time to think things through.  George may view Ringo's openness as invasive, and Ringo may view George's guardedness as apathy.

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